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Hispánica de Globos S.L.

The Factory

In my mind when I'm starting our presentation is the sentence that motivates me every morning when I turn my computer on: "If you can dream it, you can do it". Let me tell you about it...

Hispánica de Globos, S.L., is a family-run business set up at the end of 2010 to launch a project called Balloonia.

We manufacture and print natural rubber latex balloons, and we have been in the balloon world for a few decades now.

In our extensive catalogue you can find all the colours and designs you need for jazzing up any kind of event. We also have a wide variety of balloon accessories to help you put your decoration together more easily. Imagination and creativity? We leave that up to you smile

We are passionate about our work, and the people who already work with us both nationally and internationally know that we are professional, flexible and that we treat our customers with the greatest respect..

We could blind you with science and heaps of technical information on how we manufacture, design, print and handle our balloons, but we'd rather just highlight a few points we consider important to explain our company's roadmap:


We produce





To sum up, Balloonia is a company which has had a certain sense of responsibility, commitment and innovation right from the word go, from the day we set up to the present day.

... an excellent choice.